Press release - Rotterdam Pilots hosts the international ISPO conference

Rotterdam - 20 Jun 2017

ISPO conference Loodswezen Rotterdam  2017
Loodswezen Rotterdam-Rijnmond hosts the International ISPO Conference in Rotterdam on 21 and 22 June 2017. ISPO is the International Standard for Maritime Pilot Organisations ( Its purpose is to improve safety and quality of the pilotage process. ISPO is a standard set up by and for pilot organisations. Organisations that join ISPO receive certification after audits by independent classification bureaus. This way, ISPO provides self-regulation and transparency in pilotage standards to all port-related stakeholders.

Pilot organizations from around the world 
Loodswezen Rotterdam-Rijnmond was the first pilot organisation to be certified in 2005. A total of 17 other pilot organisations from around the world have joined ISPO since then. Among these are pilot organisations from Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the Middle East. Many other pilot organisations are on their way to being certified or have shown interest in ISPO certification.
ISPO Conference in Rotterdam
This year, the annual Conference of the ISPO International User Group will be organised in Rotterdam at the Inntel Hotel and will be visited by many pilot organisations and representatives of the maritime industry. They will discuss the current situation and developments with regard to ISPO while shippers, shipowners and terminals will share their views on the importance of safety and quality of pilot organisations with the participants of the Conference.
Jan Frans van den Hoek, chairman of Loodswezen Rotterdam-Rijnmond, the pilot organisation hosting the Conference, said: "We are proud to welcome our colleagues in Rotterdam. In 2005, we received the first ISPO certificate from the hands of the previous State Harbour Master. Since then, many pilot organisations have joined ISPO and it has grown into a mature organisation. That is why we are honoured to organise this Conference in Rotterdam.” 

High quality standards
“Our pilot organisation works in Europe’s largest port and high quality standards are normal for us”, Van den Hoek continues. “It is absolutely necessary for us to provide transparency about our services to our customers and stakeholders. This is expressed by ISPO’s mission to provide clear and transparent information regarding quality and reliability of the service provided by maritime pilots".

That is the reason why more than 80 representatives of affiliated and interested pilot organisations from all over the world convene at the ISPO Conference.