Ordering a pilot

ABSTRACT of the regulations for obtaining a pilot for vessels with a draft less than 17,37 m. (57”00”) arriving at Maas Centre.


E.T.A. to: PILOTVTS ROTTERDAM via (in order of preference)
Telex: no 26751(
Phone: +31(0)10 414 42 22 (Dirkzwager Maassluis)
VTS / Maas Approach VHF Ch. 01.

Departures and Shifting

E.T.D. to: Captainsroom Rotterdam Port Authority via (in order of preference).
Phone: +31(0)10 252 24 33 / VHF Ch. 19.

Operational matters Pilot service

Please contact Chief Pilot in charge (24-hours service)
Phone: +31(0) 88 900 3117
Fax: +31(0) 88 900 3119

Special orders helicopter service – 4 hours in advance

Download: Operational safety criteria for receiving a pilot by helicopter.pdf

E.T.A. / E.T.D. messages

a.   E.T.A. messages compulsory, at least 6 hours before arrival at the pilot station. 
b.   Deep draught vessels (> 17,37 meters) have to announce their E.T.A. at least 72 hours before arrival at the rendez-vous position (52*N/03*E). A more specified E.T.A. report is required.
c.   E.T.D. messages compulsory, at least 3 hours before departure.
d.   Deviations in E.T.A. of more than 1 hour to be reported.

Download: E.T.A. message deep draught vessels.pdf

CONTENTS of E.T.A. message

IMO standard – Res. A 648(16) 
A:  Ship’s name & callsign. 
B:  Date & time group transmission of E.T.A. (first 2 digits: date, last 4 digits: time. UTC if default, state if LOCAL time). 
I:  Date & time group (see above) expected at boarding position and the words MAAS CENTRE.
J:   Request pilot.
O:  Deepest draft in meters and centimetres (4 digits). 
U:   Length o.a. & GT. 
X:   Destination. 

Non-compliance with these regulations might cause delay and / or extra costs.